Diseases & Medical problems

 MRSA MRSP & MRSS v.2 24 15

Basic facts regarding methicillin-resistant bacteria

Rabies Tips for Pet Owners

Basic facts and what to do regarding rabies

Pet to People Worms v.2 23 15

Intestinal parasite information where people can get worms from their pets!

Flea Control 2015 v.2 23 15

This document explains flea population and control information.

Preparation for tests v.2 24 15

This document explains fasting requirements and recommendations for different tests.

Birthing Puppies v.2 24 15

Instructions for birthing puppies

Ear Problems v.2 24 15

Instructions for ear treatments and view of inner ear

Giardia v.2 24 15

Information about this intestinal protozoa parasite

Bladder Stones

Information about urinary bladder stones

Canine Obesity – Reducing Risks

Information about fat dogs

Canine Periodontal Disease – Reducing Risks

Information about dog dental disease and reducing it

Canine Urethral Obstruction

Information about urinary blockage – can’t urinate

Collapsing Trachea

Information about honking coughing from collapsing trachea

Diabetes Mellitus

Information about diabetes

Hip Dysplasia

Information about this crippling arthritic condition

Otitis Externa-Media-Interna

Basic information about ear infextions



Information about pancreatitis – common in dogs

Patellar Luxation

Information about this common small dog problem with knee-caps

Ruptured Cranial Cruciate Ligament

Basic information about knee ligament rupture

Raw Food Dog Diet 10 12 10

Factual information on this dangerous yet popular home-made diet trend

Periodontal Disease

General information about dental disease

How to Medicate your Dog

Information about how to pill you dog

Home-made Skunk Relief v.2 24 15

It actually works!


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