Feline Information

The Cat Friendly Practice

Discussion on best practices for examining and treating sick felines in veterinary hospitals


Getting your Cat to the veterinarian

Discussion on best practices for transporting felines

How to Orally Medicate Your Cat

Discussion on best practices for pilling your cat- good luck!

Aggression in Cats v.2 25 15

Discussion on feline aggression – the grumpy cat syndrome

Feline Obesity – Reducing Risks

Discussion on fat cats

Feline Periodontal Disease – Reducing Risks

Discussion on best practices for controlling feline rotten gums and teeth

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease FLUTD

Discussion on cat “bladder infections” – it’s a unique cat problem!

Feline Asthma

Understanding Feline Asthma and treatment


Chronic Renal Failure

Discussion on kidney failure – it’s  common in older cats

Corneal Ulceration

Discussion scratched corneas

Diabetes Mellitus

Discussion on diabetes in cats


Discussion on increased ocular pressure in cats


Discussion on pancreatitis in cats


Tapeworms – Dipylidium Caninum

Discussion on tape-worms in cats