Veterinary House-calls


Humorous house-calls:

Puppy stuck in fishbowl

“It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Dead stuck in auto wheel

This happened last summer to a pup here in our town.  The pup’s head was stuck in the side holes of the wheel.  The wheel was removed from the auto, the pup was sedated and his neck was lubed, then inch by inch he was removed from the auto wheel.  Not humorous at the time, but now all is well.

Cat in tree

This happens often!  What goes up, can’t always get down.

cat rescue

A little help from a friend!

Pup in toilet!

We’ve never seen this – and hope we never do!  Don’t flush!!!


In most cases of illness, the hospital is the best atmosphere to examine, diagnose, and treat your pet.  There are certain instances when it is better to bring the doctor to your pet, and in those cases the doctors at Windsor Animal Hospital are happy to accommodate you and your pet:

  1. When you are unable to drive or walk your pet to the hospital
  2. When your pet is unable to walk or be driven to the hospital
  3. When your pet needs hospice care or humane euthanasia

It is often less stressful to the pet to stay at home, in familiar surroundings, where euthanasia can be performed in the privacy of your home.  Euthanasia can be done indoors or outdoors, wherever the pet is more comfortable.