Corona Virus Update!

COVID update 3.22.20:

As the COVID-19 situation continues to rapidly unfold, we are constantly reviewing best practices and re-vamping our pandemic protocols accordingly. To ensure the safety of our clients and staff, these changes may be daily and we will do our best to keep you updated. Our Facebook page is the quickest and easiest way to disseminate information, so we ask that you please follow us on Facebook.

Due to the additional local COVID cases and the state-wide shelter in place order, we are limiting services. We are still OPEN our normal business hours and continuing to see ill patients, however we have temporarily shut down our grooming department and will not be booking new wellness appointments for the coming weeks. We are also still OPEN for prescription refills, pet food purchases, etc. 

To reduce the potential for spread of COVID in the hospital, we will not be allowing clients into the hospital at this time. When you arrive at the hospital, please stay in your vehicle, CALL or TEXT our main number (838-3031.) Pets with appointments will be brought into WAH while you wait in your vehicle and the doctor will call you to discuss care. Pick ups of food or medications will be done through the door. We ask that all payments be made over the phone by credit or debit card. 

We are asking that our staff limit their exposure outside of work hours to necessary trips (grocery store, etc) and we ask that clients please do the same. Limiting exposure to other people is the best way to protect yourself and others!

To our valued clients,

We want to assure you that we are monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation very carefully. It is important to us to protect both our clients and our staff. Currently, WAH is open our usual hours. We will be keeping you apprised of any changes via e-mail and Facebook, as well as our voicemail. Further, we are trying to do everything we can to reduce the potential spread of the virus. To protect our clients and our staff, we are requesting the following:

  1. Please consider stocking up on pet food and medications—we recommend having at least a 3 week supply on hand.
  2. If you have a pet who needs an elective procedure (meaning not critical, not needing to be done immediately), such as vaccines or dentistry, we advise you postpone those treatments until this viral issue is passed.
  3. If your pet is ill, we are here and fully operational.
  4. When you arrive at our hospital please call or text the reception desk at 707-838-3031 to inform them you are here. Please remain in your vehicle until the reception staff calls or texts you to come in.
  5. When you enter, please step on the bleach-soaked towel in the “foot-bath” with both shoes, and then step on the drying towel. If you have a dog, please wipe all 4 of their feet gently with the antiseptic towel we have available. If you have a cat, please leave them in their carrier. We also will ask you to use a squirt of hand sanitizer.
  6. You will be ushered directly into a room to see the doctor. (We are trying to avoid having groups of people waiting in the lobby.)
  7. If your dog is to be hospitalized or receive treatment, the staff will place one of our disinfected leashes on your dog, and you are to remove and keep your leash. The staff will then take your dog back to the treatment area, while you wait in your vehicle.
  8. When your pet is done with the treatment, please return them to your vehicle and then come back into the hospital to take care of finances at the front desk. When re-entering the hospital please step in the disinfectant foot-bath and on the drying towel again.
  9. Internally, we are quadrupling our already stringent cleaning standards, which includes frequent disinfection of all door handles, payment machines, phones, keyboards, benches, tables, etc.

Please take care of yourselves and each other!

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