My name is Vinnie. I’m a lagomorph. No, I’m NOT a rodent! Rabbits are lagomorphs. Specifically, I’m a mini-lop-eared rabbit. I’m petite, cute, cuddly, and very photogenic. See if you can find me as we tour Windsor Animal Hospital.

The Reception Desk

Can you find me behind the reception desk?
Here I am!

The Waiting Room

This is our lobby where people wait for their pets to be treated. Can you find me?
I wonder how much I weigh?

The Examination Room

This is examination room #2. Can you find me?
Here I am, having fun as usual.

The Treatment Room

Here I am trying to look like a patient in the Treatment Room. Can you find me?
How about now?

The Ultrasound Room

Hiding in the ultrasound room… The doctors and the dogs won’t even know I’m down here!

The Equipment Room

Here I am in the Equipment Room. Can you spot me?
How about now?

Surgery Preparation Room

Here I am where doctors get prepared for surgery.
Looks like my cap is too big.

The Surgery Room

I’ve made it to the surgery room! This is where all kinds of magic things happen.
Here I am taking a snooze on the surgery table – it’s nice and quiet in here.

The Doctor's Desk

After pets gets examined and treated, all the information goes here!
Each doctor has a place to go over the patient file, write up charts, and decide which treatments to pursue.

The Pharmacy

This is where the different veterinary drugs are stored for safe keeping. Can you find me?
How about now?

Food Center

Some pets need a specific diet to make them healthier. This is where we keep the special prescription food.

Staff Break Room

This is where the Doctors, nurses, and staff relax, take breaks, and eat lunch. I’ve just passed out from eating too much!
Oops, busted! I think my tour ends here. Thanks for joining me!