Here are some testimonials from some of our satisfied clients. We are proud to serve the entire Bay Area, Northern California and work hard to ensure that our clients and patients are happy with our service. We place an emphasis on client education because we want our clients to understand the process and be involved with treatment. We are available through email with questions or concerns that you have and the Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner, Kristen Hagler, is a registered veterinary technician with over 15 years of experience in the field.

“Betsy” Gardner

My dog Betsy has stenosis (compressed spinal nerves) and a small tear in a rear leg tendon, which is painful and in turn caused her to redistribute her body weight unevenly to try and mediate the situation. She shifted much of the weight-bearing off of her rear, thereby stressing her neck and front leg joints as well as weakening the support structure for her hip/SI joint and rear legs. The pinched nerves in her spine were also causing her to be neurologically unaware that she was not really picking up her hind paws completely, so that the tops were grazing the ground as she walked.

As dire as all that sounds, this is a common aging syndrome in many dogs — but Betsy is doing really well these days, thankfully, due to her physical therapy [sic] which has consisted of:

  • Water Treadmill
  • Therapy Balance Board
  • Hurdle Workouts
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Shockwave Therapy on her leg joints
  • Toe Grips (little rubber bands on her nails) that help her be more aware of her hind paws when walking
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
  • Platelet Rich Plasma injections into her leg joints by a board-certified orthopedic vet surgeon

I wish every aging dog could have Kristen Hagler at their side!

“Boo” Fernandez

Our Boo is a very senior 7lb. schnauzer/poodle mix. We applied for Boo online and were blessed when we were chosen to be her forever parents. Boo had somehow been injured and came to us with a head tilt and right sided vulnerabilities. Boo has had seizures, pancreatitis, lives in early kidney failure, has loss in vision, very ‘selective’ hearing (if you know what I mean) and having ‘senior moments’ where we find her standing in a corner oblivious to what she might have had in mind to do. We love her little being and she has given us immeasurable love and antics that we continue to see evolving. Boo has made it HER priority to be walked daily and her socialization during these walks has been central for her.We thought numerous times we were losing her but when we saw her slowing down, sleeping more, not as vocal… we decided to try rehab to see if Kristen and Teena could help her. Well, the results have been nothing short of a miracle!Boo was in pain and we were not aware of it. We saw dramatic results from the first couple treatments with the [laser therapy] over her shoulder/spine area. Boo has not been a swimmer, let alone walking on a treadmill in water! Boo was a character watching her the first time in the tank, sheer joy and laughter as Kristen and Teena coaxed her. Boo now hops in and is totally comfortable.

We had no clue Boo wasn’t sure of her footing due to her age, arthritis and her neurological injuries she came to us with. After her therapies Boo now walks with more pep and actually prances most days on her walks. Boo is more ‘talkative’ again, more interested in meeting people and most dogs on her walks and is ‘with us’ again!

We have decided to continue Boo’s therapy as an ongoing program — Boo acts 5-10 years younger as a direct result of the therapy and we feel the energy, intuitiveness Kristen and Teena have are the true intangible source of Boo’s brightening back up.

We want to share as much time with Boo as possible as long as Boo is active, comfortable and engaged with us and this world — we have been given more time with Boo thanks to her Rehab and care at Windsor Animal Hospital.

On behalf of Boo the Wonder Dog and her staff (i.e. owners) THANK YOU KRISTEN AND TEENA.
Jody Erickson and Pua Fernandez

“Bella Noche” Valuch

Bella Noche, a blue Weimaraner, first came to us in July 2013. She was a rescue who had been left in a case for her first couple of years. She could not walk when rescued, having to drag her hind legs so that her toes were raw. Colleen Combs of Green Dog worked with her for over a year, teaching her to walk. When we adopted Bella Noche, she could walk, but she tended to hop with her hind legs rather than use them in a regular walking motion.

In May 2015, we took her to Kristen Hagler at Windsor Animal Hospital for physical therapy [sic].Kristen has done wonders for Bella. Laser therapy and Hydrotherapy have strengthened Bella’s muscles and encouraged her to walk in a more normal manner.

Bella will never walk perfectly, will always have a limp, but we are convinced that Kristen’s work has strengthened Bella’s legs and given her a more positive outlook. She is willing to walk most of the time, hopping only when excited or in a hurry.

Kristen has a warm and loving attitude with her canine clients. She cares about them and encourages them to be the best they can be.
Robin Gail and Leona Valuch